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TimSeaveyVizolutionsHeadshot - Tim Seave


Tim owns a Search Engine Optimization company, is the Assistant Director of Forensics at San Diego State University and a minority partner in Debate Sensei.
Even with all he does Tim became an ACLA advisory board member because he “fell in love with the mission to bring public speaking and debate skills to underserved populations. Several years, later I am still inspired by the impact that ACLA has on its students' lives.”


Dempsey is currently an actor and you might recognize him for his most known works in War of the Worlds (2005), La La Land (2016), and The Lorax (2012). Dempsey is passionate about ACLA because of “the growth it provides to young people by allowing them self expression as well as teaching them the art of debate and argumentation. It will also add to the confidence, self esteem, and their natural creativity, and I'm excited to be a part of it.”

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Currently a financial consultant, Matt decided to volunteer and become a part of the ACLA team through our advisory board. Matt believes in ACLA because he knows that “Oratory skills allow for self expression and help to improve confidence. ACLA strives to improve the youth of our community by instilling confidence and encouraging self expression through training in communication.”

Advisory Board: Meet the Team
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